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This long list contains all quizzes related to the continent of Europe as a whole and to the European Union (the EU). In addition, the list also contains the most important quizzes about the individual European countries.
Europe - Countries
Europe - Capitals
Europe - Rivers
Europe - EU Member States (European Union)
Europe - Schengen Area Countries
Europe - Mountain Ranges
Europe - Highest Mountains
Mediterranean - Countries 🌮
Austria - States
Austria - State Capitals
Austria - Vienna - Districts
Belgium - Provinces
Belgium - Provincial Capitals
Bulgaria - Provinces (Oblasts) • NEU
Denmark - Islands
Denmark - Regions
France - Regions
France - Regional Capitals
France - DĂ©partements
France - Paris - Arrondissements
Germany - States
Germany - Largest Cities
Germany - State Capitals
Germany - Neighbouring Countries
Germany - Berlin - Districts
Germany - Mountain Ranges
Greece - Regions
Greece - Regional Capitals
Hungary - Counties
Hungary - Largest Cities
Iceland - Regions
Ireland - Cities • NEU
Ireland - Counties
Italy - Regions
Italy - Regional Capitals (Largest cities)
Netherlands - Provinces
Netherlands - Provincial Capitals
Netherlands - Largest Cities
Norway - Cities
Norway - Counties (Fylke)
Poland - Regions (Voivodeships)
Poland - Largest Cities
Portugal - Cities
Portugal - Districts
Romania - Counties • NEU
Romania - Largest Cities • NEU
Spain - Capitals of the Autonomous Communities
Spain - Autonomous Communities (and cities)
Sweden - Regions (LĂ€n)
Switzerland - Cantons
Switzerland - Largest cities
Turkey - Provinces
Ukraine - Cities
Ukraine - Oblastes (Regions)
United Kingdom - Countries and Crown Dependencies
United Kingdom - Largest Cities
United Kingdom - England - Regions
United Kingdom - England - Ceremonial Counties
United Kingdom - London - Districts (Boroughs)
United Kingdom - Motorways
British Isles - Waters (Seas, Bays, Channels)
The continent of Europe is technically part of Eurasia, but historically it has been considered a separate continent. It is not possible to precisely delineate the area based on country borders. Russia, for example, has a European and an Asian part. The Ural Mountains are seen as a border between the two parts (see also the Europe - Mountain Ranges Quiz). Turkey also has a European part (Eastern Thrace) and an Asian part (Anatolia, in the Middle East).
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