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This list contains educational quiz games about China (People's Republic of China). All quiz games support Chinese characters (traditional and simplified).
China - Provinces (Regions)
China - Provincial Capitals
China - Neighbouring Countries
China - Anhui - Cities (Prefecture-level)
China - Beijing - Districts
China - Guangdong - Cities (Prefecture-level)
China - Henan - Cities (Prefecture-level) • NEW
China - Hebei - Cities (Prefecture-level) • NEW
China - Hong Kong - Districts
China - Jiangxi - Cities (Prefecture-level)
China - Shandong - Cities (Prefecture-level)
China - Shanxi - Cities (Prefecture-level)
China - Zhejiang - Cities (Prefecture-level)
Learn the location of all the provinces of China (provincial-level divisions). Then memorize the capitals of all provinces. Also learn the major cities of many provinces (prefecture-level divisions). More to come!
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