World - Waters 🌊 (Seas, Bays, Straits) Quiz

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This quiz is about the largest seas, bays and straits in the world (no oceans). Match the names of the water bodies to the white markers on the world map. An intermediate level quiz with 27 questions.

Learn to orient yourself on the world map by learning the largest seas, bays and straits. Where is the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico or the South China Sea? For the higher level oceans, we have the Oceans Quiz.

Then delve further into the waters of Europe and the waters of Southeast Asia.
This quiz covers the following water bodies (Seas, Bays, Straits):
Arabian Sea, Baffin Bay, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, Bay of Bengal, Black Sea, Caribbean Sea, Caspian Sea, Drake Passage, Great Australian Bight, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Carpentaria, Gulf of Guinea, Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, Labrador Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Mozambique Channel, North Sea, Northwest Passage, Persian Gulf, Philippine Sea, Red Sea, Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, South China Sea and the Tasman Sea