World - Deserts 🏜️ Quiz

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This quiz is about the major deserts and desert areas on a global scale. Match the names of the desert areas to the clickable regions on the map. A rather easy quiz with 13 questions.

Deserts are regions that have little or no natural vegetation. We often think of them as hot, sandy and stony landscapes. For example, the sandy Sahara. But there are also ice deserts in the northern and southern polar regions, which are just as barren and hostile to life. Here you can learn the location of the most important deserts and desert regions.

You probably already know the continents of the world and the oceans of the world.

If this quiz is too dry for you, please visit the World - Waters Quiz.
This quiz covers the following deserts:
Antarctica, Arabian Desert, Arctic, Atacama Desert, Central Asian deserts, Deserts of Australia, Gobi, Kalahari, Namib, North American deserts, Patagonian Desert, Sahara and Taklamakan
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