USA - State Nicknames Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the nicknames of the US states. Match the nicknames to the corresponding states on the map. With 50 questions, this is a very difficult quiz.

Most American states have more than one nickname. This quiz is mainly about the official nicknames, which can also be seen on the US license plates. For example, California is called The Golden State.
A few states do not have an official nickname (e.g. Alabama). Occasionally, the nicknames are also called slogans. You can click on Show places to see all the nicknames on the map. Clicking on the white labels will tell you more about the origin and meaning of the slogans. So if you've ever wondered what the texts on the license plates mean...

The nicknames are not to be confused with the mottos of the US states. The mottos are an even bigger challenge.
You also might want to test your knowledge about the nicknames of the major U.S. cities.
This quiz covers the following nicknames (slogans):
Aloha, Badger, Beaver, Beehive, Bluegrass, Buckeye, Centennial, Constitution, Cornhusker, Empire State, Equality, Evergreen, Garden State, Gem, Grand Canyon State, Granite, Green Mountain, Hawkeye, Heart of Dixie, Hoosier, Keystone, Land of 10,000 Lakes, Land of Enchantment, Lone Star State, Magnolia, Mountain, Ocean, Old Line, Palmetto, Peace Garden, Peach, Pelican, Pine Tree, Prairie, Show-Me, Silver State, Sooner, Sunflower, Sunshine State, Tar Heel, The Bay, The First State, The Golden State, The Great Lakes, The Last Frontier, The Mount Rushmore, The Natural, The Old Dominion, Treasure and Volunteer State