USA - Rivers Quiz 🚣

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In this quiz you have to correctly assign the major rivers of the contiguous United States (USA) on the map. With 16 questions, it is an easy to moderately difficult quiz.

Mississippi is perhaps the most famous river in the United States. The main river flows through countless states from north to south. Many of the major rivers covered in this quiz flow into the Mississippi. In addition, many of the longest rivers bear the names of US states. Therefore, it is helpful to have already learned the states. The course of the rivers also explains many of the "irregular" state borders.

Yukon is the longest river in Alaska, but not part of this quiz.

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This quiz covers the following rivers:
Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Columbia, Hudson, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Platte, Red, Rio Grande, Sacramento, Savannah, Snake, Susquehanna and Tennessee