USA - Mountain Ranges Quiz 🏔

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In this quiz you will learn the most important mountain ranges of the United States (USA). With only 6 questions, this is a very simple quiz.

This quiz is not about the highest mountains, but about the largest and most famous mountain ranges. By the way, the highest mountains in the United States are all located in Alaska and not visible on this map.

The vast Rocky Mountains in the west and the Appalachian Mountains in the east of the US do not end at the Canadian border. The Rocky Mountains even have the same dimensions on the Canadian side as they do in the US. East of the "Rockies" are the Great Plains. A plateau sloping down to the east. The "gray" area between the mountains in the west of the United States is called Great Basin. A very dry area. It is also where the famous Death Valley is located, the lowest point in the country.

The federal states of the United States can be learned in the USA - States Quiz.
This quiz covers the following mountain ranges:
Appalachian Mountains, Cascade Range, Colorado Plateau, Ozarks, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada
Last update: 18 Jun 2024 - added gallery with maps