USA - Massachusetts - Cities and Towns Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about cities and towns in Massachusetts. Match the names of the places to the markers on the map. 20 questions make this a difficult quiz.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and it's the most famous city. But there are many more interesting places. Here you can learn them. The Boston metropolitan area is densly populated. Cities directly adjacent to Boston are not part of this quiz. This applies to Cambridge and Brookline. But also have a look at the Boston - Neighborhoods Quiz.

Also learn the Counties of Massachusetts.
This quiz covers the following cities and towns:
Barnstable, Boston, Brockton, Fall River, Fitchburg, Framingham, Gloucester, Lowell, Marlborough, New Bedford, Newton, Northampton, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Provincetown, Quincy, Salem, Springfield, Taunton and Worcester