USA - Colorado - Cities and Towns Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about cities and towns in Colorado. Match the names of the places with the white markers on the map. A quiz with 17 questions.

Learn about Colorado by learning the location of larger cities and famous towns (home rule municipalities). Most people live in the Denver metropolitan area. Not all larger cities in this area are part of this map based quiz. For example I did not include Arvada due to a lack of space on the map.

The major rivers of Colorado are drawn on the map. This and the outlines of the counties will help you to locate the towns and cities.

Also visit the Colorado - Counties Quiz to learn the names of all counties. Then learn the Rivers of Colorado.
This quiz covers the following cities and towns:
Aspen, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Burlington, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Greeley, Lakewood, Lamar, Montrose, Pueblo and Steamboat Springs
Last update: 07 Jun 2024