United Kingdom - Motorways Quiz 🛣️

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This quiz is about the major motorways in the United Kingdom. With 16 questions it is an intermediate level quiz. It does not include the motorways in Northern Ireland.

The M25 is probably the most famous motorway in the United Kingdom. You might already know where to find it on the map. But where exactly are the other important British motorways located? Learn it by doing this quiz.

The A1 is no motorway, but parts of it are upgraded to motorway standard. Therefore this road is part of the quiz. The same for A74.

You also might want to learn the location of the largest cities in the United Kingdom.
This quiz covers the following motorways:
A1 + A1(M), M1, M11, M2, M20, M23, M25, M3, M4, M40, M5, M6, M60, M62, M74 + A74 and M8