Southeast Asia - Waters 🌊 (Seas, Bays, Straits) Quiz

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This quiz is about the water bodies in Southeast Asia. More precisely the most important seas, bays and straits in this world region. Match the names of the water bodies to the markers on the map. With 21 questions this is an a moderately difficult quiz.

The international conflict over territorial claims in the South China Sea, has been a frequent topic in the media in recent years. So does the Strait of Taiwan. But there are many other important waters of geographical and geopolitical significance. With the help of this educational game you can quickly learn these regions.

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This quiz covers the following water bodies:
Andaman Sea, Arafura Sea, Banda Sea, Bay of Bengal, Celebes Sea, East China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tomini, Gulf of Tonkin, Indian Ocean, Java Sea, Karimata Strait, Luzon Strait, Makassar Strait, Philippine Sea, Savu Sea, South China Sea, Strait of Malacca, Sulu Sea, Sunda Strait and the Taiwan Strait