Poland - Regions Quiz 🌎

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Poland is located in the heart of Europe and has undergone an incredible economic development since the end of communism. The map of Poland has changed a lot over time and there was a time when the state of Poland did not exist at all - a complex history.

So it is worth to learn the today's regions of Poland, the so-called voivodeships. 16 questions make this a challenging quiz.

The learning language of this quiz is preset to "English". You can change the language to "Polish" in the menu. For historical reasons, many of the regions also have German names. Have a look at these names by changing the language to "German". See also the Poland - Largest Cities Quiz.
This quiz covers the following regions (voivodeships):
Greater Poland, Holy Cross, Kuyavia-Pomerania, Lesser Poland, Lodz, Lower Silesia, Lublin, Lubusz, Mazovia, Opole, Podlasie, Pomerania, Silesia, Subcarpathia, Warmia-Masuria and West Pomerania