New York City - Boroughs and Waterways Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the boroughs of New York City and the the major surrounding waterways. 14 questions help you to understand the region.

The geography of the New York City area is challenging but interesting. Politically, New York City is divided into 5 boroughs. One of them is famous Manhattan. They are spread over several islands and non-island areas. Home to 8.8 million inhabitants. Separated by many waterways, rivers and bays.

You can learn the location of the boroughs and waterways here. In addition the two airports within the New York City area are part of this quiz.

Also learn the major cities and towns of New York State.
This quiz covers the following boroughs and waterways:
Bronx, Brooklyn, East River, Hudson River, JFK Airport, Jamaica Bay, LaGuardia Airport, Long Island Sound, Lower New York Bay, Manhattan, Newark Bay, Queens, Staten Island and Upper New York Bay