Libya - Districts Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the districts of Libya. Find the regions on the map and click on them. With 22 questions this is a medium to difficult quiz.

Libya has been administratively divided into 22 regions (ar. شعبيات) since 2007. Not to be confused with the historical provinces and governorates.

Learn about Libya by learning the administrative divisions of the country. Many of the districts bear the name of the largest city.
This quiz covers the following districts:
Al Wahat, Benghazi, Butnan, Derna, Ghat, Jabal al Akhdar, Jabal al Gharbi, Jafara, Jufra, Kufra District, Marj, Misrata, Murqub, Murzuq, Nalut, Nuqat al Khams, Sabha, Sirte, Tripoli, Wadi al Hayaa, Wadi al Shatii and Zawiya