Italy - Rome - Rioni 🏺 (Districts) Quiz

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This exciting quiz is about the historical 🏺 districts (Rioni) of Rome. With 22 questions a challenging one.

The historic center of the Italian capital was divided into 22 rioni until 1921. The area roughly corresponds to today's district Municipio I. The Rioni are no longer important for the administration of Rome. In everyday life, however, the Rioni are still very present.

Most of Rome's famous landmarks are located within the districts surveyed here. Learn the rioni to better understand Rome. Orient yourself by the Tiber River, the Vatican City, and the gardens of Villa Borghese in the north of the map.
This quiz covers the following rioni (districts):
Borgo, Campitelli, Campus Martius, Castro Pretorio, Celio, Colonna, Esquilino, Ludovisi, Monti, Parione, Pigna, Ponte, Prati, Regola, Ripa, Sallustiano, San Saba, Sant’Angelo, Sant’Eustachio, Testaccio, Trastevere and Trevi