Germany - Rivers Quiz 🚣

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This quiz is about the longest and most famous rivers in Germany. Match the river names with the blue lines on the map. A moderately difficult quiz with 20 questions.

Rivers are the namesake of many regions. And most large cities are located on a river. The Danube and Rhine, the two longest rivers in Central Europe, also flow through Germany. In addition, the Rhine, Oder and Neisse rivers form national borders in the southwest and east.

By the way, the Rhine does not end in the middle of the Netherlands, but branches out further (Rhine-Meuse Delta) and thus flows into the North Sea (and the IJsselmeer).

This educational game will help you learn the most important rivers in Germany. Then also learn the rivers of Europe.
This quiz covers the following rivers:
Aller, Danube, Elbe, Ems, Fulda, Havel, Inn, Isar, Lippe, Main, Moselle, Neckar, Neisse, Oder, Rhine, Ruhr, Saale, Spree, Werra and Weser