Germany - East Frisian Islands Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about North Sea islands. More precisely about the East Frisian Islands. You have to locate 11 islands correctly on the map. Among them are inhabited islands like Norderney or Borkum, but also uninhabited ones like Mellum. It is a simple quiz.

If you want to learn about the geography of Northern Germany, you have to learn the East Frisian Islands. Click on Show places to see additional labels.

The islands belong to the federal state of Lower Saxony. The green area in the south is the mainland of this state. By the way, the West Frisian Islands belong to the Netherlands.
This quiz covers the following islands:
Baltrum, Borkum, Juist, Kachelotplate, Langeoog, Mellum, Memmert, Minsener Oog, Norderney, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge