Europe - Rivers Quiz 🚢

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In this quiz you will be asked about the longest and most famous rivers in Europe. There are, of course, very long rivers, like the Danube, but also very short and well-known rivers like the Thames in England.

The rivers shown on the map are of course a simplification of reality. There is often not a clear beginning and end point for every river. For example, the Rhine flows into the North Sea. In the Netherlands, however, the river breaks up into many small rivers and joins the Meuse (Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt Delta). In this quiz, only one endpoint in the North Sea is shown.

Before learning the rivers, it is helpful to learn the countries of Europe. Subsequently learn the waters surrounding Europe.
This quiz covers the following rivers:
Danube, Dnieper, Ebro, Elbe, Garonne, Loire, Oder, Po, Rhine, Rhône, Seine, Tagus, Thames, Vistula and the Volga