Europe - NATO Member States Quiz 🌎

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In this quiz you have to find all 30 European countries that are members of NATO. Correct answers are shown in green. Wrong answers in red.
"Which European countries are NATO member states?"
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a defense alliance with 32 member countries. USA, Canada and 30 countries on the European continent. It may be surprising for some countries that they are not part of NATO. For others, not so much. NATO headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium. Considering the geopolitical events (e.g. in Ukraine) this quiz is highly recommended.

Before taking this quiz, it is essential to learn the countries of Europe. The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a candidate for NATO membership. In May 2022, the countries Sweden and Finland applied for membership. In April 2023, Finland became a member state of NATO. Sweden also joined in March 2024.
Last update: 08 Mar 2024