Europe - Mountain Ranges Quiz 🏔

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In this quiz you have to find the 13 most famous mountain ranges of Europe on a map. They are the largest and highest (e.g., the Alps) as well as the most famous mountain ranges.

However, it is not a complete list of all mountain ranges in Europe. Some choices had to be made here. The well-known Scottish Highlands made the list even though they are actually two mountain ranges. The Spanish Sierra Nevada are also included but not the Spanish mountain ranges further north. Taurus in Anatolia is part of the quiz. Anatolia does not belong to the geographic part of Europe but is shown on the map.

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I also recommend the Europe - Countries Quiz as a preparation. There is also a Europe - Rivers learning game.
This quiz covers the following mountain ranges:
Alps, Apennines, Balkan Mountains, Carpathians, Dinarides, Highlands, Massif Central, Pindus, Pyrenees, Scandinavian Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Taurus Mountains and the Ural Mountains
Last update: 11 Feb 2024