Europe - Highest Mountains Quiz 🏔

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This quiz is about the highest and most famous mountains in Europe. Find the mountains on the map. With 19 questions, this is quite a difficult quiz.

Mont Blanc, or Monte Bianco in Italian, is the highest mountain in Europe and is located in the Alps. But where is the Dufourspitze, the Coma Pedrosa or the Schneekoppe?

Most of the highest mountains in Europe are located in the Alps, but this quiz is not limited to this region. There will be a quiz dedicated to the Alps in the future.

Before taking this quiz, it is highly recommended that you learn the European mountain ranges.
This quiz covers the following mountains:
Ben Nevis, Coma Pedrosa, Dinara, Dufourspitze, Galdhøpiggen, Gerlachovský štít, Grauspitz, Grossglockner, Korab, Moldoveanu Peak, Mont Blanc, Mount Olympus, Mulhacén, Musala, Puy de Sancy, Sněžka, Triglav, Zla Kolata and Zugspitze