Denmark - Regions Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the official regions of Denmark. It is a very simple quiz with only 5 questions. Find the regions on the map an click on them.

Denmark is divided into 5 regions, but their administrative competences are limited. The system of regions has been in place since 2007. Above the regions is the national administration. Below, there are the municipalities with significantly more political responsibilities.

The island of Bornholm, at the very east of the map, belongs to the capital region (Hovedstaden). Learn the regions best in Danish. To do this, select Danish in the language menu.

More interesting than the regions, are the islands of Denmark. Visit the Denmark - Islands Quiz. Also learn the largest cities of Denmark.
This quiz covers the following regions:
Capital Region (Hovedstaden), Central Jutland (Midtjylland), North Jutland (Nordjylland), Southern Denmark (Syddanmark) and Zealand (Sjælland)