China - Zhejiang - Cities (Prefecture-level) Quiz 🌏

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This quiz is about the prefectural cities of Zhejiang. Match the city names with the clickable regions on the map. A rather easy quiz quiz with 11 questions.

Learn about Zhejiang by learning the first level divisions of the province. Zhejiang is divided into 11 prefectural cities. Two of theses cities (Hangzhou and Ningbo) are also sub-provincial cities. Hangzhou is also the capital of Zhejiang.

Zhejiang is a province on the east coast of China. Have you learned the location of all the other Chinese provinces yet?

Via the language menu below the map you can change the learning language to Chinese.
This quiz covers the following cities (prefecture-level divisions):
Hangzhou (杭州市), Huzhou (湖州市), Jiaxing (嘉兴市), Jinhua (金华市), Lishui (丽水市), Ningbo (宁波市), Quzhou (衢州市), Shaoxing (绍兴市), Taizhou (台州市), Wenzhou (温州市) and Zhoushan (舟山市)
Last update: 26 May 2024