China - Henan - Cities (Prefecture-level) Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the prefectural cities of Henan. Match the city names with the clickable regions on the map. A challenging 18 questions.

Henan province is divided into 17 prefectural cities. There is one sub-prefectural city: Jiyuan.

The landlocked province Henan borders 6 other provinces. It's capital is Zhengzhou.

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This quiz covers the following cities:
Anyang, Hebi, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan, Kaifeng, Luohe, Luoyang, Nanyang, Pingdingshan, Puyang, Sanmenxia, Shangqiu, Xinxiang, Xinyang, Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Zhoukou and Zhumadian
Last update: 07 Jun 2024