China - Guangdong - Cities (Prefecture-level) Quiz 🌏

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This quiz is about the prefectural cities of Guangdong. Match the city names to the clickable regions on the map. An intermediate level quiz quiz with 21 questions.

The Chinese province Gunagdong is divided into 21 prefectural cities. Two of theses cities (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) are also sub-provincial cities. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong. Get a better understanding of the Guangdong province by learning these major administrative divisions.

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Hong Kong is located south of Shenzhen. Also learn the Districts of Hong Kong.

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This quiz covers the following cities (prefecture-level divisions):
Chaozhou (潮州市), Dongguan (东莞市), Foshan (佛山市), Guangzhou (广州市), Heyuan (河源市), Huizhou (惠州市), Jiangmen (江门市), Jieyang (揭阳市), Maoming (茂名市), Meizhou (梅州市), Qingyuan (清远市), Shantou (汕头市), Shanwei (汕尾市), Shaoguan (韶关市), Shenzhen (深圳市), Yangjiang (阳江市), Yunfu (云浮市), Zhanjiang (湛江市), Zhaoqing (肇庆市), Zhongshan (中山市) and Zhuhai (珠海市)
Last update: 26 May 2024