China - Anhui - Cities (Prefecture-level) Quiz 🌏

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This quiz is about the prefectural cities of Anhui. Match the city names with the clickable regions on the map. An intermediate level quiz with 16 questions.

Anhui province is divided into 16 prefectural cities. You can learn them here. There are no sub-provincial cities. The capital of Anhui is Hefei.

Interestingly Tongling city has an exclave within the cities Anqing and and Chizhou. Furthermore Huaibei city has an exclave within Suzhou city.

The province Jiangxi is located in the east of the country. You can learn all Chinese provinces in the China - Provinces (provincial-level) Quiz.
This quiz covers the following cities (prefecture-level divisions):
Anqing, Bengbu, Bozhou, Chizhou, Chuzhou, Fuyang, Hefei, Huaibei, Huainan, Huangshan, Lu'an, Ma'anshan, Suzhou, Tongling, Wuhu and Xuancheng
Last update: 26 May 2024