Canada - Ontario - Divisions (Northwest) Quiz 🌎

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This quiz is about the districts of northeast Ontario. Locate the districts corrently on the map of the province and click on them. A rather easy quiz with 11 questions.

The Canadian province Ontario is divided into first-level administrative divisions. The northeast are mainly districts. Only the City of Greater Sudbury, within Sudbury District, is categorized as a single-tier municipality.

Learning the divisions in the northwest of Ontario helps you orientate in the province. Of course there is also a quiz about the southeastern divisions: Ontario - Divisions (Southeast).

Probably you already learned all the Provinces and Territories of Canada.

You can change the learning language to French.
This quiz covers the following regions:
Algoma District, Cochrane District, Greater Sudbury, Kenora District, Manitoulin District, Nipissing District, Parry Sound District, Rainy River District, Sudbury District, Thunder Bay District and Timiskaming District