British Isles - Waters (Seas, Bays, Channels) Quiz 🚢

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This quiz is about the waters surrounding the British Isles. With 13 questions it's a rather simple quiz.

Learn the water bodies that surround the British Isles. More precisely the seas, bays, channels and straits around Great Britain (the big island), around Ireland (island west of Great Britain), the Hebrides, Orkney and the area north of France.

The blue area at the top left of the map is the Atlantic Ocean and has no other name. All of the water bodies in this quiz are ultimately part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

In preparation for this quiz learn the countries that belong to the United Kingdom. Do you need more waters? Learn the water bodies surrounding Europe. And have you already learned the rivers of Europe?
This quiz covers the following water bodies:
Baie de Seine, Bristol Channel, Celtic Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea, Moray Firth, North Channel, North Sea, Sea of the Hebrides, St George's Channel, Strait of Dover, The Minch and The Wash